A huge Rebel Yell to our Lead Web Developer Chris Tasker, who’s celebrating his five year anniversary with IR! A consummate perfectionist, Tasker has provided killer code from Day One (no small feat – ask any Quality Assurance Analyst). How valuable is he? Put it this way: not only has he been on the lion’s share of our projects, he’s almost single-handedly developed a proprietary app that many of our clients use regularly. Quality code, innovation and cost-crunching skills… this guy’s a real catch.

Tasker came to IR on the heels of a diploma in Interactive Design from Capilano University, and what began as a six-week practicum for this tech whiz quickly became a seven-month contract. Five years later, the once semi-pro snowboarder is a pillar of the Idea Rebel team – and a damned fine poker player as well. Congrats, Tasker! You’re aces.

Chris Tasker, Idea Rebel


January 30, 2017