You’ve probably heard of AI, that is, artificial intelligence, being thrown around at every aspect of our daily lives. Although it can sound intimidating to some, it has actually been efficiently used to assist with things such as connecting with friends or getting tasks done more productively.

If you are reading this, you probably have a smart phone, and that is the most important piece of AI for the most of us. Built into our phones are smart assistants such as Siri or Google Assistant. Whichever smart assistant you are using on your phone, they all support basic functions such as making calls, setting alarms and playing music for you. Other than this built-in feature, apps like Uber and Spotify are known to use AI. Uber has admitted to using AI to charge customers based on what they are willing to pay and Spotify controls what you find on the Discover Weekly playlist.

As a Digital Marketing Agency in Toronto, Vancouver, and Los Angeles, we are constantly evolving our technology skills, including AI, to move us forward. Here’s some insight.

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Application of AI in Web Design

As the digital world is becoming more and more in demand today, there is an increasing need for web designers to create unique, user-friendly and powerful web experiences.

Artificial design intelligence (ADI) is essentially graphic design taken over by computers by cutting down the time, and automating design and content creation by trying to take the process and power of the brain of a designer. ADI uses machine learning to identify and implement web design trends. Over the past few years, various platforms have already explored ADI.

The Grid, the first AI web design platform, is just one example. Their AI, ‘Molly’, is able to automatically optimize, arrange, and design a website according to the user’s theme, preference, and content. AI web design platforms eliminate the process for reviewing that is challenging, time-consuming and expensive. Molly is able to take feedback and spit out a new site within seconds.

Designers will need to ‘think outside the box’ to differentiate from what AI will be able to do.

The Future of Intelligent Web Design

The ultimate goal of AI is for websites to just make themselves. As ADI becomes more polished, it will be able to provide a higher baseline level of competence. In other words, AI will do more of the ‘legwork’ for us. Web designers won’t become obsolete, but many of their tasks will. Creativity still remains very much a human endeavour. As brilliantly put by Yury Vetrov, Design Director of Mail.Ru, “Designers would become art directors to their new apprentices, computers.”

Integrating AI in Web Development

To survive the ever-changing tech industry, the ability to adapt to changes quickly is key. In development, AI is being used to create devices and tools which are capable of producing intelligent response. A perfect example of this is chatbots. Developers can incorporate chatbots to improve user interactions and experience. Thus, Chatbot implementation has become significantly popular. It is one of the most sought-after skills in modern web development.

AI has been a key instrument when it comes to personalization. Variables such as location, context, behaviour, and values all modify the website interaction one experiences. With AI becoming smarter and smarter, each customer persona profile is continually evolving. This machine learning allows websites to be tailored to the individual. It determines what you see and when you see it.

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The Future of AI in Web Development

The use of AI tools not only makes website navigation intuitively clear, but it also makes the online experience more personalized. A perfect example of this is the website we built last year. With the evolution and expansion of AI in website development, we will see more obvious personalization features.

Voice-based technologies are on the rise in AI development. We will see an increase demand in incorporating voice technologies online for users. AI will become an important element for front-end development. It may start with a simple website search, but eventually for users can have seamless voice conversations with websites.


There is no question that AI is changing the game. We also know that the digital landscape is always and will always be changing. For this, web designers will need to embrace the AI developments and praise the elimination of doing redundant tasks in order to focus on enhancing creativity. Web developers will need to consider more advanced software and efficiently be able to integrate AI techniques into their web design.

January 17, 2019