Despite the sometimes dreadful weather, Toronto has some amazing benefits to working in the city. With a livelihood buzz and a flow of creativity, it’s no wonder why our team loves working in the Toronto office.  Here they are to share some insight on a day in life of a Toronto Rebel and how they survive the chilly winters at a Digital Marketing Agency.

The Toronto office is a hive of activity, located in the up and coming neighbourhood, Queen West.  Although Range Rovers are not yet a common sight on residential streets, you can see plenty of them outside the shops and restaurants. The neighbourhood is on the edge of the gentrification wave in Toronto, and despite the ability to get cold pressed juices, Kit & Ace technical cashmere and a whole assortment of cool fixed gear bikes, the area still has a ton to offer.

The Idea Rebel office sits in the historic Burroughes Building which was once Toronto’s grandest department store. The office is a shared building with a whole host of interesting companies in mostly creative and technology spaces. With new clients and projects each day, there is not “typical” day in the Idea Rebel Toronto office.

But all of this sounds a little too good to be true. There’s one catch that everyone knows about working in Canada’s largest city, and that catch sits somewhere below 20 degrees celsius. We asked some of the the team how they bare to cycle to work everyday, yes everyday, even in the harsher winter conditions. They said they live by a Swedish saying, “it’s not about the weather, it’s about the clothes” and if you’re going to bike all winter it’s an aphorism you need to live by. They layer up each morning, because although they may be cold when they first hit the streets, no one wants to be sweating later that day at a client meeting.

All in all, this doesn’t seem like a bad tradeoff to work in a creative environment in one of Canada’s most innovative cities. With a growing office in a booming neighbourhood, Idea Rebel will face the cold for many more winters to come.

We asked the team if he had any final tips on hacking the city cold. Their response, “Go outside. No matter how cold it is.”


January 24, 2015