We live the in age of e-mail, wireless networks, smartphone and tablets. It is no surprise that there is less need for paper and paper products.  Idea Rebel is passionate about the environment and determined to ensure we are doing our part when it comes to being a “paperless” office. We follow a strict social, economical and ecological sustainability philosophy. We do not allow paper or paper products in the office. We make smart energy decisions and we encourage our staff to walk, bike or use public transit to get to work.

Not only have we been recognized in press, we have also received numerous awards for our paperless policy.  As we are truly passionate about our policies, we follow strict, yet necessary guidelines. Some of these include, no printing, even for client pitches and proposals, paperless pay stubs and statements; we don’t even have a printer in the office. We do not subscribe to paper subscriptions, newsletters or accept resumes, business cards or paper from anyone. Digitizing paper notes and literature makes it easier to share documents electronically.

We take tremendous pride in being labelled as a “paperless” company.  Our team uses Idea Rebel branded re-usable mugs, tupperware and everyone is required to ensure that all personal waste is taken out of the office.  Anything brought into the office, is taken out, after all, we do not support personal waste baskets. Items such as cups, bags, lunch bags, plastics, food and any recycling items are each employees individual responsibility.

Our employees take pride in working for a company that is driving change in the world and committed to environmental sustainability. It strengthens and injects the Idea Rebel brand with meaning and most importantly has a positive impact on the environment. We make responsible decisions and take action every day that are in the best interest of protecting the natural world. It is not simply about reducing the amount of waste in our office, it is about the way we have developed and adapted specific processes in our day to day business. This will ensure we remain completely sustainable, now, and in the years to come

September 25, 2015