We are excited to announce that Keurig Canada has selected Idea Rebel, a Vancouver digital agency, to help with their digital marketing efforts.  Idea Rebel is expanding its business further into Eastern Canada to service our newest client. This partnership will be an exciting and strong addition to our growth, adding to our elite list of clients.  Not only is this partnership creating a culture of excitement within Idea Rebel but it is paving the way for the future of the company.  Our team is super pumped to be involved with the specialty coffee company and we have been eagerly waiting to share the information with the public!

Here is the official press release.

Vancouver, BC and Montreal QC, January 18, 2016 – Idea Rebel, a leading Canadian digital agency, today announced that it has been selected by Keurig Canada, the nationwide personal beverage system and specialty coffee company, to support its web and e-commerce efforts, as well as to develop their digitally-driven campaigns and concepts, across Canada.

“Our principal objective in this review was to identify an agency that would enable the transformation of Keurig Canada’s digital strategy.  Idea Rebel’s experience with crafting successful strategies for world class brands and their demonstrated passion for our business makes them an ideal partner for Keurig Canada” states Joseph Souaid, Director of Procurement.

Idea Rebel’s role with Keurig builds on the agency’s extensive consumer product expertise with clients such as 7-Eleven, Westjet, Quicksilver and Sportsnet.

“We’re thrilled that Keurig chose Idea Rebel to help continue their success in the specialty coffee market,” comments Jamie Garratt, Founder, Idea Rebel. “We believe our unique brand and dynamic approach to digital marketing is the ultimate fit with Keurig’s vision. This new partnership is a milestone for Idea Rebel. The structure of this relationship is a testament to how we have evolved the traditional agency practice through the years. We have a unique model that takes a digital first approach to marketing and brands are enthusiastically embracing it. We can’t wait to start delivering on our promise to Keurig.”This latest account win strengthens Idea Rebel’s foothold into Eastern Canada. The engagement commences in January 2016 under a 2-year-term. This will allow Idea Rebel to tie in with recent initiatives and product launches, such as Keurig Kold, in driving the brand forward. The agency will also be working with Keurig’s sub-brands, including Van Houtte and Timothy’s World Coffee.===

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January 18, 2016