Shopify is on the rapid rise and Digital Agency Idea Rebel is on it!

Shopify is a widely used platform that dominates the crowded e-commerce space.  Shopify delivers the power, flexibility and scalability that is required to meet the needs of any business that runs an e-commerce site. Shopify, the platform, is used by more than 500,000 companies around the globe. Most of the biggest brands in the world rely on the Shopify platform because other ease of use, quick to market strategy. It can provide simple shopping carts to complex custom built systems that underlie multi-million dollars operations. It is a serious tool for a professional solution.

There are two main offerings of the platform, Shopify and Shopify Plus. There are allot of exciting changes being built around the Shopify platform, making it not only easier to use, but more readily available for businesses to grow and expand their business. Idea Rebel is looking forward to continuing as a Shopify partner.

Not only is Idea Rebel one of North America’s premier Digital Agencies with Shopify experience, we have a team of ninja Shopify developers in house. We meticulously customize and tailor each Shopify build to give the right user experience and don’t shy away from creating custom solutions for the platform. We have been recommending to our clients at every turn to consider using Shopify if they are providing services or doing any sort of transactions online.  We are working with our clients everyday to convert their old solutions to the Shopify platform. We recommend it because as a longer term investment, it allows businesses to be more flexible, self sufficient and have more control over their online presence. We are developing new projects using the Shopify platform, writing custom extensions, identifying quality community extensions, and customizing Shopify’s front end or back end components.

We work with many clients and brands that require the in-depth use of Ecommerce, where Shopify fits perfectly.  While digital marketing needs soar, so does the requirement and need for Ecommerce and we are excited to be a part of the future.

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October 10, 2018