After delivering award winning apps for BMW and Converse to recreate interactive 3D experiences and Virtual Reality on mobile devices, Idea Rebel will be doing it again this coming August to promote another high profile brand.

We are thrilled to be featured in Business In Vancouver for the innovative virtual reality concept!  While more details of the project will roll out once it’s live, the concept for the project will allow people to recreate the experience using an Oculus Rift or a Google Cardboard headset.  

There is no need to rely on a third-party software platform any longer to create a 3D environment, we have built one!  We look forward to rolling out our latest VR project very soon and have no doubt that the virtual reality marketing concepts will increase moving forward.  Consumers want an innovative experience, brands want an innovative design and Idea Rebel is just getting started.

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July 22, 2015