Driven by Idea Rebel – FordVR

After taking home Gold at the 2016 Atomic Awards for our Converse VR app, the Rebels are at it again!

In Collaboration with Tool of North America…

Ford wanted to showcase their innovative technologies and the heart pumping events they host, so we’ve developed FordVR – a fully immersive VR app that is fully compatible with both the Google Cardboard and the Samsung Gear VR headset, and gives users VIP access to the latest Ford events and news at their fingertips.

The app uses innovative mobile device compatibilities to bring users into the passenger’s seat and get up close and personal with World Rallycross stars Ken Block and Andreas Bakkeurd – using only their phones. Test drive the latest 2017 Ford GT for the iconic Le Mans Race and truly go behind the scenes to experience the exhilaration of the race with every turn and acceleration with stunning 360-degree video.

We’ve also made the app compatible with the Gear VR headset, which makes it even more exciting. The Gear VR headset allows a standard minimum input capability for users to interact with the FordVR virtual environments – making for a completely immersive experience. Unlike our previous VR projects, this app is built to have content added and removed in the future – yielding unlimited opportunities.

Using real world environments, high definition videos and Samsung Gear VR, FordVR brings together the best of Ford and virtual reality.

The FordVR app is now available on all iOS and Android devices.

iOS Download:

Android Download:

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