Keurig was in need of an integrated loyalty program that engaged with new and existing customers online and offline. We were brought in to guide this project from inception to execution, using our creative team to establish the brand and our technical team to make it a reality.

Keurig Perks logo

The Idea

The Keurig® Perks program is a rewards program designed to thank customers for their loyalty on Customers can accumulate Pod Points for a host of privileges. Pod Points are exclusive on

Keurig Perks
Keurig Perks

Rewards Your Way

All customers with an account on are automatically enrolled in the Keurig® Perks program. All customers can join the program by subscribing to newsletter, creating an account on, making your first purchase on, or registering your coffee maker.
Keurig Perks

Earning Points

Users start earning Pod Points from their very first purchase. They can only earn Pod Points when you purchase K-Cup® pods, K-Carafe® pods or Rivo® pods (i.e. 24ct Box of Pods = 24 Pod Points), and when you purchase a bundle containing K-Cup® pods or K-Carafe®pods.


The program has been live since mid 2018 and has grown from zero users into one of Keurig’s most important customer engagement programs.