When Air Canada approached us with the challenge to rethink how business consumers would use their website, we were ecstatic. A real chance to make real change for the airline industry!

Air Canada For Business + Idea Rebel

The Idea

We started the thinking of this project from a deep User Experience (UX) perspective. The core differences between the regular Air Canada consumer and Business Consumer, is purchase volume, user categorization, data, and statistics. We approached this project knowing there were many layers to tackle and needed to figure out a systematic approach to providing a seamless user experience. So, our UX team went to work.

Air Canada For Business Screen Sizes


We completely redesigned the flow and look and feel of the Air Canada Business Portal. It now offers easy to navigate flows for purchase, user management, and reporting. Not only did we deliver a new design and user experience, we also architected the pages using new and innovative programmatic front end technologies, to allow for super fast page loads and transitions. Mission accomplished!