Roots was seeking a partner to develop best-in-class UI and UX for The goal? To engage and entertain while delivering bleeding edge ecommerce functionality as well as corporate and brand communications.

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The Idea

Getting personal with Canada’s favourite brand – we created an omni-channel user flow powered by Commerce Cloud intelligence, that facilitated a 3-click journey from homepage to checkout. We also employed mobile-first cues like Mini-cart and Search to ensure a superior experience on all devices.

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Personalized Shopping Experience

Static ecommerce would simply not suffice, so we developed to adapt content uniquely for each user. We all have different taste in clothing, and we all deserve a custom experience, tailored to our tastes.

Roots Mobile Website

Intelligent Search

The intelligent search box ensures that a customer with a particular product in mind can find that item faster and easier than before by adding in features such as autocomplete and category based results and including relevant products if a search yields nothing.


With an emphasis on personalization, we implemented interface and IA level improvements to increase sales. And ongoing updates will further engage the 30% of Roots customers who are repeat buyers, with an environment that knows their style, what they’ve bought and what they might be interested in.